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How our donations help change lives and the environment

Australian Marine Conservancy

Ningaloo Marine Park in WA is an important feeding and breeding area for marine wildlife, many of which are endangered species. 

These include manta rays, sea turtles, dugongs and sea birds.  Also, several different cetaceans such as humpback, southern right whales and orcas (killer whales).

Bunderra Foundation is proud to be supporting the protection of the nursery system from industrialism such as oil and gas drilling on the shores of Exmouth Gulf, which is a rare and precious estuarine system and creating further marine sanctuaries.


Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Working in the tropical savannas of the Kimberley, AWC conducts the country's largest and most success full non-government fire management program, dramatically improving fire patterns across millions of hectares. Wildfires which cause damage to property and infrastructure, indigenous sacred sites and remove food and shelter for wildlife have been reduced by 55%, due to the twelve years of effort of AWCs’ EcoFire Project.  Bird species such as Gouldian Finches and Purple-crowned Fairy wrens as well as several mammals have seen a significant recovery.  

Bunderra is proud to be supporting this vital work for the second year.

Engineers Without Borders

We will be involved in installing a further 5 biodigesters in remote areas of Cambodia, bringing a total of 15 being installed over the last three years
The five biodigesters we installed last year have made great changes to the families lives and are also helping the environment with reductions in greenhouse gases and saving the use of the forests for fuel.
Our directors had a wonderful visit to Cambodia last year and we able to witness firsthand the positive impact the biodigesters are having.  They are looking forward to returning there soon.


Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

This our second year working with the therapy dog program within Guide Dogs.  The Therapy Dog Program places carefully selected dogs with people who are disadvantaged due to age, illness, disability or isolation and will benefit from the companionship that is provided by a Therapy dog.

Therapy dogs may be placed with individuals, families, organisations, such as schools nursing homes or the Canine Court Companion Program.

Medecine Sans Frontiers

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or manmade disasters.

It exists to save lives by providing medical aid where it is needed most.  All situations call for a rapid response with specialized medical and logistical help.  They also run longer term projects tackling health and supporting people where need is the greatest.  They have projects running in over 70 countries.


Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue has been hugely successful due to their digital innovation.  In their most ambitious plan yet, they are leveraging their greatest strengths as the digital innovators and disruptors of animal welfare to develop a whole raft of positive solutions that will ultimately keep

pets safe. Most pets that enter the pound system are killed without ever being listed for adoption, as the vast majority of pounds don't have a rehoming program.

Pet Rescue wants to change that and ensure pets are given the chance of finding a new home via Australia's most visited charity website - PetRescue   Woolworths has matched gifts to Pet Rescue for the last 7 days in June, so our donation will effectively be doubled with the help of Corporate Australia.

Project Hope Horse Welfare

This year, the Bunderra Foundation is supporting the “Grass Roots Project” which investigates horse neglect and abuse, rehabilitates neglected horses and educates groups on horse welfare.

They also advise and assist owners who may have a horse with behavioural or health issues, need to rehome due to circumstance change or just need support regarding horse health care.

Along with rehabilitation, Project Hope Horse Welfare also provide financial support to cover expenses such as veterinary, farrier, vaccinations and feed etc.

We are proud to be supporting such a wonderful cause.



We continue to support Streetwork on the Pride Empowerment Program specifically targeting “at risk” young female clients.  The Pride Empowerment for girls is an early intervention program that focuses on improving the overall mental health and wellbeing for those young people who self-harm (which includes cutting, burning, hitting oneself, binge eating, starvation, abuse of  drugs or alcohol, including overdosing on prescription medications) and those with suicide ideations (which includes suicidal thoughts, consideration or suicidal planning). 

This program is specifically designed to empower young people by supporting them to improve their personal capabilities and the ability to respond to psychological stressors.

Beyond Zero Emission

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s leading regional economy.  The heart of energy in NSW, low cost energy has attracted manufacturing and energy intensive industry, which in turn has built a highly skilled workforce within the area, along with the university attracting students and researchers from around the world.

This is being done by: 

  1. The Diversification and Repower Plan

  2. Through their Zero Carbon Communities Arm

  3. Through Zero Carbon Factories 

Together, communities, businesses, industry groups, researchers and government agencies are all working to ensure that the Hunter region remains a regional powerhouse



We are working with WaterAid on their project Keeping Girls in School in Papua New Guinea. 

When facilities such as toilets and water are lacking at school, it is adolescent girls who lose out the most.  With nowhere to go to manage their periods, girls prefer to stay home. Some stay absent for a few days only to return with reduced self-esteem and dignity and the ability to catch up to others in class.  In Papua New Guinea only 62% of girls can read or write.

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