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PetRescue works to support Australian rescue organisations in saving animals lives and enabling all Australians to discover the joy and unconditional love a rescue pet brings.  PetRescue runs many innovative programs and services that can be offered for free to thousands of pet adopters and rescue organisations Australia wide.
These programs include bringing thousands of rescue pets face-to-face with thousands of potential adopters every day.


In partnership to numerous pet stores, PetResue is able to deliver millions of dollars’ worth of free pet food to rescue pets across the country.  They also provide support by arranging Pet Adoption days, direct-from-pound adoptions, free flights for pets in need, distribution of pet care essentials for rescue pets and programs to help pets that find it harder than most to find love – including pets in their senior years and pets with disabilities or special needs.

Bunderra Foundation was pleased to offer a significant donation to PetRescue. We personally have found wonderful family pets through this great organisation and strongly support its cause.  Everyone should consider bringing a rescue pet into their lives at some point.

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Success of Digital Innovation

June 2021

Pet Rescue has been hugely successful due to their digital innovation.  In their most ambitious plan yet, they are leveraging their greatest strengths as the digital innovators and disruptors of animal welfare to develop a whole raft of positive solutions that will ultimately keep pets safe. Most pets that enter the pound system are killed without ever being listed for adoption, as the vast majority of pounds don't have a rehoming program.


Pet Rescue wants to change that and ensure pets are given the chance of finding a new home via Australia's most visited charity website - PetRescue   Woolworths has matched gifts to Pet Rescue for the last 7 days in June, so our donation will effectively be doubled with the help of Corporate Australia.

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October 2020

Keeping pets out of the pound system in the first place is wonderful way to keep them safe.  In May, Pet rescue initiated the      launch of a new pilot called Home2Home to assist pet owners needing to rehome their pet, which occurs via the PetRescue platform.

During this pilot phase, they are refining the framework and seeking input from members and also organization overseas that run similar programs.

Since the launch, 16 dogs and 8 cats have found new homes, safely and in a stress-free environment.  Additionally, this helps to keep pets out of the pounds and rescue groups can then focus on the pets that have nowhere else to go.

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The Reach 

December 2019

Pet Rescue has achieved some amazing results in the last twelve months and saw 60,633,967 profiles being viewed on their website.


Here are some of the other effects from their continuing work:

69,070 rescue pets were rehomed.

650 pets adopted on National Pet Adoption day in February

$512,00.00 of food was donated and distributed. 


Pet Rescue is incredibly grateful for the support they have received from corporate partners such as Woolworths,          Mars Petcare and PETstock.


The Impact of Kindness

October 2018

PetRescuse has recently celebrated its 14th birthday and is Australia’s most visited charity website.  With the kind support and generosity of Individuals, Companies and Corporate Sponsorships PetResuce is able to deliver millions of dollars worth of goods and services to community rescue organisations and helps to save the lives of thousands of rescue pets every year.


Through their website 456 enquires are sent every day and an amazing 225 pets are adopted every day!

Please visit their website to learn more about their news, happy stories, vital programs and services. While you are visiting perhaps you may take the opportunity to make a donate yourself or even begin to search for your new companion, there are thousands of cute little souls listed who need a loving home.  Together we can help to create more positive outcomes for homeless pets.

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