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Bunderra Farm


Bunderra Farm is located in a wonderful part of Australia, Martinsville NSW.  Backing onto Watagans National Park the Farm is a 90-acre property that captures the beauty and heart of the area.  Property owners and Bunderra Foundation Directors, Trish Richards and Rene Schipper are very proud of the Farm and the fact that its existence stands true to Bunderra Foundations core values. The Farm is where the concept of the Bunderra Foundation was originally established and where its Four Pillars of Focus were founded.


With its picturesque location, the Farm is home to five horses, two dogs, two cats and a huge array of birds and native wildlife. Bunderra Farm also houses a large horse arena, a large orchard and a bountiful vegetable garden, growing an abundance of fresh produce including fruits, vegetable and herbs. 


Over the years Bunderra Farm has made an ongoing commitment to donating all excess fruit and vegetable to charity and food recycling companies. Bunderra Farm has donated boxes upon boxes of fresh produce to charity organisations including the local community charity at Martinsville,  OzHarvest and Too Good Company. These past donations and all future donations ensure this wonderful fresh produce is shared and enjoyed with those who may need it the most.

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