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Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions is an internationally recognised climate change think tank.

Together, engineers, scientists, economists, communicators and volunteers all contribute to develop and promote climate solutions, which transition into zero emissions.


Combined, they are showing how commercialized technology can be utilized not only to grow the economy, but also to eliminate carbon emissions within ten years.

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The Hunter Region

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s leading regional economy.  The heart of energy in NSW, low cost energy has attracted manufacturing and energy intensive industry, which in turn has built a highly skilled workforce within the area, along with the university attracting students and researchers from around the world.


This is being done by: 

  1. The Diversification and Repower Plan

  2. Through their Zero Carbon Communities Arm

  3. Through Zero Carbon Factories 

Together, communities, businesses, industry groups, researchers and government agencies are all working to ensure that the Hunter region remains a regional powerhouse

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