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Australian Marine Conservation Society

AMCS and the protection of Marine Parks


Just like our national parks on land, marine sanctuaries provide protection for wildlife and habitats. 

Our oceans provide refuge for a diversity of species including:


  • Six of the seven known species of marine turtles,

  • 45 of the world’s 78 whale and dolphin species, and

  • 4,000 fish species – 20% of the global total.


As well as establishing networks of marine parks, ACMS works to reduce the stress on the marine ecosystem, land-based pollution, have sustainable fisheries and protect them from extractive industries such as oil and gas exploration.

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Ningaloo Marine Park in WA

Ningaloo Marine Park in WA is an important feeding and breeding area for marine wildlife, many of which are endangered species. 


These include manta rays, sea turtles, dugongs and sea birds.  Also, several different cetaceans such as humpback, southern right whales and orcas (killer whales).


Bunderra Foundation is proud to be supporting the protection of the nursery system from industrialism such as oil and gas drilling on the shores of Exmouth Gulf, which is a rare and precious estuarine system and creating further marine sanctuaries.


Exmouth Gulf


In 2011 Exmouth Gulf, was slated for World Heritage status, however, powerful conservation opponents prevented the listing from occurring, leaving the Gulf open to inadequate protection and vulnerable to developers and now there are also plans in place to  industrialize this unique waterway.


Some of these plans include:

A massive oil and gas pipeline fabrication and launch facility

A deepwater port for the fossil fuel industry

A major salt mine


AMC has engaged twin strategies to stop this impending threat.  The first being preventing the industrialization and the second by creating a conservation outcome that protects the ecosystem from destructive development.


Some of these strategies include:

Expose the proposal to public scrutiny and alert them to the wider context – the push to industrialise

Engage with scientists to bring the latest research to public attention

Promote its globally significant conservation and social values

Illustrate the vital link between the Gulf and Ningaloo reef

Stop Subsea 7 building its’ pipeline facility

Expose the Gulf’s fragility and its rarity


Ultimately, the goal is for a community and science driven conservation approach which prevents future industrial development whilst protecting and supervising the areas vital marine habitats

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