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What we do & who we help

Bunderra Foundation has Four Pillars of Focus. These Pillars are all equally as important in this ever changing world, therefore our work and all donations will go towards the following areas 

·         Humanitarian

·         Global Medical Advancement

·         Animal Welfare and Protection

·         Marine and Environmental Conservation and Sustainability


As Founding Directors and Trustees of Bunderra Foundation we search far and wide for important and legitimate causes and charities that need our help and fall within our Pillars of Focus.  Every year we  make a series of donations in an attempt to help people, animals and our planet. We  work mostly on projects where we can monitor and measure the difference we are making, as we feel ongoing interest in these projects is important. After all, "giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference" and we are always keen to share the joy that our positive contributions bring.     


The Foundation commenced making donations in 2018 and by mid 2024 we have made more than $330,000 in grants to our selected charities.  We keep in close contact with these charities and enjoy hearing the positive outcomes and stories that they share with us. Please refer to 'Our Causes' page, to see updates from the charities that we are proud to be associated with. 

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